Who we are


Brigitte Savard

Brigitte Savard is a native speaker of French, born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. After a bachelor’s degree in comparative literature from Bishops’ University in Quebec, Brigitte earned a Masters in Education from Antioch University, NH. With over 15 years teaching Spanish and French in public and private schools, Brigitte has developed a teaching style that is student-centered, dynamic and rigorous. Through stories, games, and fast-paced drills, students talk their way through the language barrier while moving, cooking, acting, singing, and drawing.   

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart”. - Nelson Mandela

Brigitte believes language learning is a way of creating peace in the world, leading to curiosity, dialogue and mutual understanding. She is passionate about travel and creating opportunities for people of different cultures to get to know one another. Brigitte has led over 20 trips to Quebec and to the French Caribbean to give her students the chance to experience Francophone cultures and make new friends.    

Brigitte enjoys playing with her two boys and getting outside for a hike, a swim or a ski. She takes regular trips to Quebec to visit family and friends, and just returned from a year in Southern France. She also enjoys teaching students from around the world through online classes, and is building a network of local students in Montpelier.


carlos reyes

Carlos is a native Spanish speaker from Uruguay, South America, who believes that languages are keys to open new worlds and new adventures in life. With several years of experience teaching languages and other subjects, Carlos has decided to offer New England and its beautiful communities the opportunity to learn about new cultures and share this gift of knowing other languages. He now lives in Montpelier with his wife Tee and their dog Isa. He plays drums and loves soccer, so much so that he has been the soccer coach for the Montpelier JV team in the past years. He is a former military officer for the Uruguayan Army and he spent a year in Congo - Africa, where he learned a little bit of Swahili.

His teaching methods not only encourage the students to learn a lesson but really push themselves in order to strive and overcome common situations in the process. He has incorporated many original exercises in class from sending e-mails in Spanish for people in Latin America to calling a car dealer in Colombia, Mexico or Bolivia to find out about details regarding the purchase of a car. One thing is certain with Carlos, YOU WILL HAVE FUN WHILE LEARNING!.